Welcome to Torres Martinez Tribal TANF Parenthood Activities Program

The Parenthood Activities Program, as part of the Family Preservation Department at Torres Martinez Tribal TANF offers workshops for clients and the community, in collaboration with Riverside / San Bernardino County Indian Health Inc. The program offers information that can help families maintain healthy lifestyles and communication skills for the entire family.

Program activities include:

  • Native Challenge
    • PRICE Parenting Class
    • The Big Talk
  • Chemical Dependency Services and Behavior Health –
    • Polysubstance Abuse Education, Alcohol, Methamphetamine and Cannabis
    • The Chaos Methamphetamine is causing in the Indian Community
    • Identifying Your Substance Abuse
    • Accepting the changes in you lifestyle with Sobriety
    • Self Respect and Respecting Others

We also have Cultural Speakers and Arts & Crafts Workshops. All classes and workshops are for all ages of the family – Mothers, Fathers, Children, etc. Incentives are also provided for clients who participate in our workshops. Flyers are mailed and posted with workshop information. We offer transportation (with 3 days notice) and credit towards your Work Participation Hours,

Contact Us

760-397-0300 - Phone
760-397-3925 - Fax
866-810-1000 - TANF
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