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Torres Martinez has an after school Pre-Collegiate Academy where students engage in extra-curricular activities twice per week. It’s a pipeline program designed to keep the students on course to graduating high school and going to college. Each year, there is a different theme that colors the rest of the curriculum. Last year was Human Rights and this year is a proposed Cinema/Film Initiative.

Goal: Palm Springs International Film Society (PSIFS) provides the structure and support for a year-long Film Initiative in which Torres Martinez Pre-Collegiate Academy students are exposed to global cinema and benefit from the following program objectives:

1. Exploring a self-determined subject of interest,

2. developing his/her voice as artist, storyteller, journalist, or filmmaker,

3. and learning the tradition of cinema (history, language) and the means of production to articulate what they want to share and how to say it on film.

With this, students this will:

·       Strengthen identity, build confidence.

·       Increase media literacy and their ability to communicate through media, technology, images, and storytelling.

·       Focus on their contribution, curiosity, and success.



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