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Dear Parents,

We are the Teaching/ Tutoring Staff providing after school tutorial services through the Native Literature Reading Skills Program (NLRSP).  Our program is focused on improving reading comprehension and study skills while exposing students to Native Literature. Through NLRSP we provide the following academic support:

  • Homework Help/ Review & test readiness when student do bring homework
  • Planned 30 minute Math Lesson- Concentration Algebra Readiness.         
  • Language Arts- Vocabulary Building.
  • Journal Writing: lessons on Spelling, Sentence Structure, and Essay Format.
  • Technology Enrichment through blogging (
  • Study Skill strategies and College Prep Exposure
  • Native Literature exposure using history, current affairs and visual arts
  • Extra help on Research projects
  • Computer Lab: keyboarding skills as needed.

We would also like to encourage you as parents to participate in your child’s learning experience throughout the duration of this academic year.  On Wednesday at the Education/Library Center between 11:30 AM and 2:00 PM, we will be facilitating the “Family” component of our program. During this time, parents will have the opportunity to consult with NLRSP teachers and participate in the NLRSP blog that serves as a family to student to school communication tool. The blog site can be accessed by logging on to, then clicking to left side under the NLRSP. There you will find grade level groups and a section for parent/teachers to post comments, add information on classroom assignments or post school announcements.

NLRSP is for all grade levels each Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Every Wednesday is for grades 7th to 12th after school to 5pm with the 11:30am-2pm parent component.  This after school tutoring program began on September 27th and will end June 7th 2012.

 MANDATORY forms to be signed for NLRSP participation:
  • Student application, Transportation Form, Parent Agreement & Rules of Conduct

Teacher/Tutoring Staff:                                   
Tue/Thurs                                                   Wednesday
Sonia Mendez-K-2                                        For 8th-12th Grade
Marisa Padilla-3-6                                         Jessica Valdez – Technology/ Family
Jessica Valdez-7-12                                      Dorian Inzunza – Technology/ Family
Dorian Inzunza-Technology & Math
Barbara Liner- Homework Help
Susan Hunter- Homework Help                                                                       

                 We work together to help your child achieve academic excellence! 
                         Luisa M. Armijo- Education/Library Center Director

                         Students who participated in Science Camp 2012!

Jorge Arellano, Evelyn Arellano, Maria Castro, Amelia Cortez, Doublas Micahel Duro,Selah Duro, Tony Ray Duro, Sandra Espinoza, Yolanda Fox, Sato Garcia, Steven Ray Garcia, Maleyna Gregoria, Joel Lavato, Nathaniel Lavato, Gabriel Mirelez, Isaiah Mirelez, Micah Ashwet Mirelez, Gabriel Morreo, Nick Morreo, Emilie Reyes, Joseph Reyes, Juan Rizo, Ramon Rizo, Angelica Santillanes, Cecilia Marie Santisteven, Julliana Silvas, Liliana Silvas, Sierra Tortas, Benny Ward, Yuli Ward





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